Great Friends.

Great Times.

Great Causes.



The PhilanthroPub is about creating unique and memorable experiences that result in giving back to the community. We organize pop-up pubs, restaurants and events that serve the best local food, wine, beer and spirits and we donate 100% of the proceeds to local charities. We are working to raise expectations and continuously redefine the standards for the very best fundraising experiences. We work hard to infuse creativity and new ideas into our planning, all in the service of capturing every opportunity to have fun and give back.



All of our goals are focused around proving that any place, anytime and anywhere is an opportunity to bring together great friends, for great times and support great causes. This idea is comprehensive and can be made to fit just about any worth scenario. But there are a few things we hold dear:

–Unique & Memorable

Curated, clever and always unique, we create authentic and original experiences. This delivers the most value to the causes we host and the local brands and products we feature.

–Local Focus

As important members of their communities, local brands and makers are looking for ways to give back. We provide them with unique, brand-elevating experiences that are the ultimate win-win.

–diverse & inclusive

The PhilanthroPub goals and ideals hinge on bringing together, and support all communities. Inclusivity, diversity, compassion and care are at the heart of what we do.


We believe our approach can be adapted for practically any cause or scenario. We’ll always encourage others to adopt, adapt and apply these ideas to making things better, everywhere.


“Capture every opportunity to have fun and give back.”

Mike kuipers  |  Co-Founder



The PhilanthroPub is an idea that took hold while three local business owners and friends were enjoying a drink at a local pub. They were musing about how having a good time with friends could be made more meaningful. The answer seemed clear: have more fun, with more people and just give back.


The PhilanthroPub is the result of this basic idea, and it’s purpose is to make organizing unique, creative and memorable events easier, while maximizing the benefit to the organizations and causes we support.


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