Q. What is the philanthropub?

A. Half organization, half idea, The PhilanthroPub is the belief that you can transform any opportunity to have good times with great friends into an opportunity to support great causes. We help organize and run events, pop-up pubs and restaurants featuring local brands, and we donate all of the proceeds to local causes and charities


Q. What type of causes do you support?

A. Practically any worth cause is could add The PhilanthroPub to its fundraising event. We like to support local causes with a focus on helping people everyday through grassroots efforts. 


Q. How much of the proceeds are donated?

A. 100%. We cover the costs of the event and every penny that's left goes to the cause de.


Q. Which products/Brands do you work with? How can I get my product involved?

A. PhilanthroPub is focused on creative and unique pub, bar and restaurant events. So, beer, wine, spirts, food and related expertise is always appreciate. Just drop us a line here and we'll work with you to get your product and brand involved in our next event.


Q. Can I Philanthropub?

A. Absolutely. Drop us a note here and we'll work with you to help you organize an event.